Günerler Group started its journey in 2001 as Günerler Cosmetics and Textile Trading Co. Ltd. as the retailer of world’s leading luxury perfume and cosmetic products. Within a very short period of time, the company grew thanks to the various projects with its corporate partners and support of consumers. Günerler Group continues to operate in selected points in Turkey with the same excitement and dynamism as on its first day, whilst continuously improving its service quality.

In 2013, Günerler set up Hist Tourism and Foreign Trade Co.Ltd. and established Nishant Boutique Hotel. Günerler Group strives to develop itself in order to provide boutique hotel privileges to its guests with the highest quality hospitality services.

In 2017, Günerler has expanded its operations by establishing Peton Food, Textile, Cosmetics and Foreign Trade Co. Ltd. and became the distributor of world-known international brands.
Currently, Peton is the nationwide distributor of selected brands to name a few: Lalique, Etro, Balmain Hair Couture, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche Design, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez and Diego Dalla Palma. Within Peton, Günerler also launched pet supplies stores and undertakes corporate social responsibility projects for animals.

Günerler Group is relentlessly continuing its growth currently with its three companies, over thirty stores, three online shopping sites, and an expanding portfolio of brands.



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